AGREEMENT made this ___________________________ between  THE ARTIST hereinafter  referred to as ARTIST and Hereinafter referred to as PURCHASER.
it is mutually agreed between parties as follow:
THE PURCHASER  hereby engages the "ARTIST " and the ARTISTS hereby agrees to preform the engagement hereinafter
 provided upon the '' term and conditions " herein set forth, including the attached RIDER WHICH BECOMES PART OF THIS CONTRACT .
1. Place of Engagement:
2. Address:
4. Rehearsal 
5. Showtime:
6.Full price agreed upon 50% deposit and balance on day od show.
7. Hotel  accommodations for ARTIST and Back - up  musicians at first class hotel or equivalent Required amount of rooms ( To be advised ). 
8. PURCHASER also to provide adequate security for ARTIST and accompanying  band members.
50% deposit with signed contract or no later then 30 days prior to performance dated
Deposit check made payable to  Mr. Reginald Drake.
Balance due in CASH  one hour prior to performance unless otherwise agreed to by Artist Manager.
AGREED TO BY                                                                             AGREED TO BY
________________                                                                           __________________ MR.REGINALD DRAKE(President )
PURCHASER                                                                                    PHONE: or  FAX 707-5510960
Date:___________                                                                              Date: _______________